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Vol. 9 No. 1 (Autumn, 1993)

Vol. 9 No. 1 (Autumn, 1993)
FEATURE: Why Banning Drugs in Sport Does More Harm Than Good

The argument that the ban on drugs in sport fails all the tests that regulations must pass if they are to benefit society.

CRITICAL REVIEW: The Do-It-Yourself Economics of Shutdown
Richard Snape

Shutdown: The Failure of Economic Rationalism and How to Rescue Australia edited by John Carroll and Robert Manne (The Text Publishing Company, 1992.)

FEATURE: Market in the Post-Cold War Era: Controlled or Free?
Amy Sherman

Since the downfall of communism, other, more subtle threats to freedom have emerged. Amy Sherman identifies four of these threats and assesses their impact on the worldwide movement towards democratic capitalism.

FEATURE: Competitive Tendering and Contracting: Recent Experience and Future Policy
Simon Domberger

Competitive tendering and contracting have evolved into major instruments for enhancing the efficiency of public services. An evaluation of the performance of these techniques, exploring the scope for extending their reach.

FEATURE: The Promise and Perils of India's Economic Reforms
Shyam Kamath

India has lost faith in its post-independence regime of socialist planning. But although the Rao Government has embarked on a program of radical reform, the major political barriers to economic and social liberalisation have yet to be breached, according to Shyam Kamath.

FEATURE: The 'Too Many Doctors' Myth

The Australian federal government’s National Health Strategy Unit argues that Australia has too many GPs and that their numbers should be reduced through restrictive immigration and medical-school admission policies. Harry Clarke shows that, even under Medicare, health costs are minimised with liberal admission policies for both immigrants and Australian residents.

FEATURE: What's Wrong With Australia's Competition Law
Warren Pengilley

The application of Australia’s Trade Practices Act 1974 is currently the subject of a national review. Warren Pengilley identifies those areas of compeititon law and policy most in need of reform.

FEATURE: Are Economists Basically Immoral?
Paul Heyne

An edited version of a talk given at the CIS by Paul Heyne:All economists insist that voters have no incentive to cast an informed ballot, while the non-economists protest that this is a cynical and immoral view of the world.

BOOK REVIEW: Reviving the Vigorous Virtues
Michael James

The Anatomy of Thatcherism by Shirley Robin Letwin (Fontana, 1992.)

BOOK REVIEW: The Welfare Generation

Selfish Generations The Ageing of New Zealand’s Welfare State by David Thomson (Bridget Williams Books, 1991.)

BOOK REVIEW: Military Politics in the Asia-Pacific Region
Henry Albinski

The Military, the State and Development in Asia and the Pacific edited by Viberto Selochan (Westview, Boulder, San Francisco and Oxford, 1991.)

BOOK REVIEW: The Ecology of Knowledge
Leslie Graves

Unfathomed Knowledge, Unmeasured Wealth: On Universities and the Wealth of Nations by William Warren Bartley III (Open Court, 1990.)

BOOK REVIEW: Britain's Experience of Privatisation
Alan Anderson

Privatisation: Regulation and Deregulation by Michael E. Beesley (Routledge, in association with the Institute of Economic Affairs, 1992.)

BOOK REVIEW: Surveying the South Pacific

The South Pacific: Problems, Issues and Prospects edited by Ramesh Thakur (Macmillan, London in association with the University of Otago, 1991.)

SCHOOLS' BRIEF: Australia's Savings Performance

An analysis of the determinants of saving, arguing that the appropriate level of saving would flow from sustained economic growth and from a tax system that was neutral between saving and consumption.

LETTER: The Cost of Litigation
Michael Stuchbury

Letter and correspondence for POLICY Magazine Autumn 1993.

RAFE'S ROUND-UP: Autumn 1993

Rafe’s Round-Up for POLICY Magazine Autumn 1993.

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