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Vol. 10 No. 2 (Winter, 1994)

Vol. 10 No. 2 (Winter, 1994)
FEATURE: Defending Negative Liberty
Chandran Kukathas

The importance of there being no impediments to action.

FEATURE: Microeconomic Reform: Where To From Here?

In many areas of the economy much reform is still required.

FEATURE: Will Inflation Return?

Rapid growth of the money supply suggests it might.

COMMENT: The Value of Property Rights: A Rejoinder to Bradshaw & Ewing

The value of property rights lies in their ability to coordinate plans, and to allow resources to be used or conserved in the manner most valued by real persons. Seeking justice for Aborigines.

FEATURE: Reform Retreat: The Industrial Relations Reform Act 1993
Brendan McCarthy

The government fails to make necessary reforms to the industrial relations system.

EDITORIAL: Policy Winter 1994

Editorial for Policy Magazine Winter 1994.

FEATURE: Freedom of Expression
David Flint

The High Court takes steps to protect freedom of expression.

FEATURE: The Gross National Product and The Gods
Peter Berger

Economic culture influences the form capitalism takes.

REVIEW ARTICLE: Economic Policy Past & Present: Are We Learning?
Doug McTaggart

A Decade of Shann Memorial Lectures 1981-1990 and the Australian Economy edited by M.A.B Siddique (Academic Press International, Singapore, 1993.)

FEATURE: Australia's Long and Rocky Path to Pay TV
Chee-Wah Cheah

The government’s other agendas reduced viewers’ TV choices.

REVIEW ARTICLE: Civic Community and Modern Democracy

Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy by Robert D. Putnam, Robert Leonardi and Raffaella Y. Nanetti (Princeton University Press, 1993.)

COMMENT: Hayek's Challenge: Britain in 1944
Warren Hogan

Challenging Thomas Sowell’s comment, It is difficult today even to conceive of the world of Britain in 1944 in which The Road to Serfdom was published.

BOOK REVIEW: Economic Rationalism: Dead End or Way Forward
Hugh Emy

Economic Rationalism: Dead End or Way Forward? edited by Stephen King and Peter Lloyd (Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1993.)

BOOK REVIEW: Liberalism

Liberalism edited by Richard J. Arneson (Edward Elgar, Aldershot, 1992.)

BOOK REVIEW: Rethinking Theory
Peter Murphy

Rethinking Theory by Richard Freadman and Seumas Miller (Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, 1992.)

BOOK REVIEW: Sociological Theory and Educational Reality
Patrick Morgan

Sociological Theory and Educational Reality: Education & Society in Australia since 1949 by Alan Barcan (UNSW Press, Sydney 1993.)

BOOK REVIEW: The Rule of Law in a Penal Colony
Bruce Knox

The Rule of Law in a Penal Colony: Law and Power in Early New South Wales by David Neal (Cambridge University Press, 1992.)

SCHOOLS' BRIEF: Competition Policy
Chris Terry

The market system, in one form or another, has been a feature of civilisation throughout the ages.

BOOK REVIEW: Adam Smith in His Time and Ours

Adam Smith in His Time and Ours by Jerry Z. Muller (The Free Press, New York, 1993.)

BOOK REVIEW: The Loss of Virtue: Moral Confusion and Social Disorder

The Loss of Virtue: Moral Confusion and Social Disorder in Britain and America edited by Digby Anderson (IEAD, The Social Affairs Unit, London, 1992.)

BOOK REVIEW: The Australian Economy in the Japanese Mirror
Paul Sheard

The Australian Economy in the Japanese Mirror edited by Kyoko Sheridan (University of Queensland Press, 1992.)

RAFE'S ROUND UP: Winter 1994

Rafe’s Round-Up for Winter 1994.

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