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Vol. 15 No. 1 (Autumn, 1999)

Vol. 15 No. 1 (Autumn, 1999)
INTERVIEW: The Moral Foundations of a Free Polity
Samuel Gregg

Samuel Gregg talks to Archbishop Dr George Pell.

FEATURE: Saving Australia's Health Care System: Nostrums or Cures?
Steven Schwartz

How to bring the market back into health care.

FEATURE: Regulating The Media: It is Dangerous to Give It Special Status
Robert Officer

Compeitition Law and the Media Sector. Separating regulation of the media from other goods and services often leads to the undue influence on information and, ultimately, public opinion.

BOOK REVIEW: Political Competition, Innovation and Growth- A Historical Analysis
Wolfgang Kasper

Political Competition, Innovation and Growth- A Historical Analysis by P. Bernholz, M.E. Streit and R. Vaubel (eds.) (Springer, 1998.)

FEATURE: Reforming State Taxation
Damien S. Elridge,
Owen Gabbitas

Assessing options for tax changes at the state level.

FEATURE: The Internet: Towards a Global Political System
Andrew C. Dawson

International cooperation and cyber-market regulation.

COMMENT: Polycentric Law in a New Century
Tom Bell

The feasibility of privately produced law.

COMMENT: An Economic Perspective on Intellectual Property: The Case of Copyright
Jason Soon

How to efficiently define intellectual property rights.

REVIEW ARTICLE: Globalisation: 'Politics' versus 'Economics'
Greg Melleuish

Global Nation? Australia and the Politics of Globalisation by John Wiseman (Cambridge University Press, 1998.) Globalisation, Human Rights & Civil Society by Melinda Jones & Peter Kriesler (Prospect Media, 1998.)

COMMENT: The Korean Financial Crisis- Causes, Effects and Solutions
Susan Black,
Terry Black

The flaws of managed exchange rates and industry policy.

BOOK REVIEW: The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered
Robert Clark

The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered by George Soros (Little Brown, 1998.)

SCHOOLS BRIEF: Whither the Clever Country? Australia's Industry Policy
Robin Stonecash

Industry policy is an important topic in the high school economics syllabus. This School’s Brief presents a survey and evaluation of industry policy initiatives currently provided by the Federal Government.

BOOK REVIEW: Merits and Limits of Markets
Jason Soon

Merits and Limits of Markets edited by Herbert Giersch (Springer-Verlag, 1998.)

BOOK REVIEW: Justice for Here and Now
Charles Richardson

Justice for Here and Now by James P. Sterba (Cambridge University Press, 1998.)

RAFE'S ROUND-UP: Autumn 1999
Rafe Champion

Rafe’s Round-Up for POLICY Magazine Autumn 1999.

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