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Vol. 16 No. 1 (Autumn, 2000)

Vol. 16 No. 1 (Autumn, 2000)
FEATURE: Academic Freedom and the Well-Managed University
Lauchlan Chipman

Higher education is poised to become one of the biggest and most lucrative industries in the new knowledge economy. Can Australia’s universities adapt and change without sacrificing academic freedom?

FEATURE: Hayek on the Role of the State: A Radical Libertarian Critique
Gerard Radnitzky

Was Hayek really a ‘minimal’ state theorist? After all, he thought that we needed the state, not only as a protector but also as a provider of ‘public goods’. This turns out to be somewhat problematic, as it could generate outcomes of which he would not approve.

FEATURE: The Trouble With Boys
Jennifer Buckingham

Boys are falling behind at school at alarming rates while girls continue to improve. What is causing this gender gap? Has the promotion of gender equity in school education gone too far? What can be done to redress the balance?

COMMENT: The Idea of a University Beyond 2000
Alan Gilbert

To survive in the increasingly competitive higher education sector, Australian universities must either ‘change or die’. Instead they seem paralysed, most notably by a funding crisis. What is to be done?

COMMENT: Australia's Universities: Last of the Great Socialist Enterprises
Steven Schwartz

Higher education is confronting changes that amount to nothing short of revolution. How the Australian higher education system works; why universities will be forced to change and what the Australian higher education system will look like in the future.

REVIEW: In The Shadow of the Reign of Terror
Samuel Gregg

Tocqueville: A Biography by Andre Jardin (John Hopkins University Press, 1998.)

SPECIAL FEATURE: Liberalising Learning: An Overview
Andrew Norton

Three Bert Kelly Lectures on higher education reform.

FEATURE: The Asian Tale, Twice Told
George Manzano,
Gloria Pasadilla,
Jesus Estanislao

Since the Asian crisis, analysis of how markets and the institutions that govern them operate has become the focus of policy agendas in the region. This article examines the root cause of the Asian crisis and looks at how new market systems are being formed.

REVIEW: Are Industry Innovations Discovered In Summits Or In Valleys?
Wolfgang Kasper

Encouraging Knowledge-Intensive Industries: What Australia Can Draw From the Industrial Upgrading Experiences of Taiwan and Singapore by J.A. Mathews (Australian Business Foundation Ltd, 1999.)

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