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Vol. 24 No. 1 (Autumn, 2008)

Vol. 24 No. 1 (Autumn, 2008)
FEATURE: Suffer The Intellectuals
Owen Harries

An explanation of why predictions by intellectuals so often turn out to be wrong.

FEATURE: A 'New Era' for the Reserve Bank?
Stephen Kirchner

Australia’s central bankers should face greater scrutiny and accountability.

FEATURE: Six Social Policy Myths

Policy experts often think alike, even when the evidence contradicts them. This is how billions of dollars get spent on government programs that don’t work, argue CIS researchers Jennifer Buckingham, Andrew Norton, Phil Rennie, Jeremy Sammut and Peter Saunders.

OPINION: NZ Government Gags Critics
David Farrar

Changes to New Zealand’s election laws favour incumbents over challengers and critics.

FEATURE: Fixing Australian Federalism
Robert Carling

For federalism to work, the states need clear roles and their own revenue.

REVIEW ESSAY: Control Without Command
Gary Sturgess

Julian Le Grand makes a social democratic case for choice and competition in The Other Invisiible Hand: Delivering Public Services through Choice and Competition. However Gary Sturgess argues that public service markets aren’t driven by an invisible hand.

OPINION: The Chilling Effect of Political Expenditure Laws

New laws requiring disclosure of political expenditure discourage debate and political participation.

FEATURE: Deal or No Deal
Clarissa Keil

While multilateral trade liberalisation is stalled, Clarissa Keil argues that Australia may need to stay in the race for free trade deals and gamble on a bad deal being less damaging than no deal at all.

FEATURE: The Real Body Shop, part 2: Spare Parts
Jeremy Shearmur

There is something morally unattractive about selling body parts, but the alternatives are worse.

REVIEW ESSAY: The Predictive Power of Statistics
Ross Farrelly

Data crunching may soon be more important than intuitive decision-making.

BOOK REVIEW: The Liberals: The NSW Division 1945-2000

The Liberals: The NSW Division 1945-2000 by Ian Hancock (Federation Press, 2007).

BOOK REVIEW: School Choice: The Findings
James Paterson

School Choice: The Findings by Herbert J. Wahlberg (Cato Institute, 2007).

BOOK REVIEW: Australian Social Attitudes 2: Citizenship, Work and Aspiration

Australian Social Attitudes 2: Citizenship, Work and Aspiration edited by David Denemark, Gabrielle Meagher, Shaun Wilson, Mark Western and Timothy Phillips (UNSW PRess, 2007).

BOOK REVIEW: The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World
Stephen Kirchner

The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World by Alan Greenspan (Allen Lane, 2007).

BOOK REVIEW: Confucian Political Ethics
Georgina Tait

Confucian Political Ethics edited by Daniel A. Bell (Princeton University Press, 2008).

BOOK REVIEW: Full Disclosure: The Promise and Perils of Transparency
Nicholas Gruen

Full Disclosure: The Promise and Perils of Transparency by Archon Fung, Mary Graham and David Weil (Cambridge University Press, 2007).

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