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Winter 2018 will be the last edition of our quarterly magazine. 

CIS has started a new publication series called POLICY Papers.  They will appear monthly with the aim of taking on policy issues in a more timely fashion.  All POLICY subscribers will receive alerts for the new POLICY Papers.

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Vol.31 No. 4 (Summer, 2015)

Vol.31 No. 4 (Summer, 2015)
The Dust of Titjikala

In the field with the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program.

High Frequency Trading: Fact and Fiction
Stephen Kirchner

Should HFT be hit with a Financial Transaction Tax?

Evaluating the Madness of Australian Child Protection
John Hirst

Our thanks are due to Jeremy Sammut for researching and writing this book.

Breaking the Adoption Taboo in Australia
Jeremy Sammut

More Australian children should have the chance to be adopted.

Highlights from Ideas@theCentre

Our researchers observe the passing scene in the CIS’s weekly newsletter.

Youth Unemployment in Australia
Patrick Carvalho

Why it’s still a problem, and how to solve it.

The Stealth Tax
Robert Carling,
Michael Potter

Exposing the bracket creep rip-off.

One School Does Not Fit All
Trisha Jha,
Jennifer Buckingham

Australia’s diverse school sector.

Russell Kirk: American Conservative
Samuel Gregg

by Bradley J. Birzer

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