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Vol.32 No. 4 (Summer, 2016)

Vol.32 No. 4 (Summer, 2016)
Leviathan's Curse
Jeffrey Tucker

It shouldn’t matter who the American president is.

Ending Poverty By Judicial Decree
Suri Ratnapala

Constitutionalised welfare rights are a utopian nightmare.

The Economics of Road Safety and Insurance
Richard Tooth

Private insurers can help improve road safety if given the right incentives.

Defusing ‘Mediscare’
Jeremy Sammut,
Gerald Thomas,
Peta Seaton

Health Innovation Communities are a politically viable pathway to long overdue reform.

The Looming Crisis in Business Investment
Michael Potter

Cut the company tax rate to boost near-record low investment.

The Art of the Politically Possible
David Martin Jones

Pragmatism is key to evaluating trade options for post-Brexit Britain.

On Combating Poverty
Jens Schroeder

Microcredit has been a triumph of rhetoric over reality.

Does Religion Support the Free Society?
Samuel Gregg

The theological claims of religion must be taken seriously if we are to establish whether a given faith is likely to support a free society.

A Barrister Without Peer
Dyson Heydon

Ian Hancock’s Tom Hughes QC: A Cab on the Rank

Hold the Pessimism
David Alexander

William Coleman (ed), Only in Australia:
The History, Politics and Economics of Australian Exceptionalism

Medicine and the Market
Jeremy Sammut

Dr Mark J. Walland

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