On Liberty EP86 What is Xi Jinping's real agenda for China? - The Centre for Independent Studies
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On Liberty EP86 What is Xi Jinping’s real agenda for China?

Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping will soon be appointed to a third term as President of China. A third term only made possible by his change to China’s constitution, back in 2018, to eliminate term limits. Is this determination to retain the formal reins of power a sign of strength, or a sign of weakness? We talked to Chinese politics expert Professor Elizabeth Larus of Mary Washington University about the state of play in China’s Politburo.

We ask Professor Larus about Xi’s agenda and the legacy he is creating for China’s future. And whether China’s draconian coronavirus lockdowns are really only about public health, or perhaps have a political purpose as well? Professor Larus has close connections in Taiwan, and will offer insights into its defence against a potential Chinese invasion.