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An Ounce of Prevention?

An Ounce of Prevention?


Prevention health programs are designed to catch costly health problems before they arise or when they are less advanced and easier to treat. However, many preventive programs fail to produce long-term savings or even long-term improvements in public health. How can policymakers and voters predict in advance whether a preventive health measure will be effective – or cost-effective?

Join us as CIS Scholar Helen Andrews (nee Rittelmeyer) discusses her recent publication An Ounce of Prevention? A Toolkit for Evaluating Preventive Health Measures


Helen is a Policy Analyst in the Social Foundations Program and editor of POLICY magazine. Helen is also a columnist at First Things and has had articles on religion and conservatism published in National Review, First Things, The American Spectator, the Weekly Standard, the New York Post, and the American Conservative. Helen is a former Associate Editor of National Review and holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from Yale University.

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