Annual CIS Lecture & Dinner 2020

Capitalism is experiencing a crisis of prestige that is coinciding with its ongoing and tremendous accomplishments. In the US, none of the presidential candidates is committed to the Madisonian-Hayekian principles that classical liberals and conservatives stand for. Meanwhile, young Republicans with presidential ambitions are probably more inclined to indict capitalism for American’s problems than to defend it. In Europe, classical liberalism is thought to be inimical to social solidarity, communitarian desires and even national identity and patriotism. What accounts for these trends? And what can be done to reverse them?

George F. Will is a Pulitzer Prize award-winning columnist for the Washington Post and a regular contributor to NBC News and MSNBC. Will is also author of several influential books, most recently The Conservative Sensibility.

This annual gala dinner event gathers CIS supporters, members and friends and provides the opportunity to honor our commitment to the core principles for which we stand. Promoting free choice, individual liberty, cultural freedom, and the open exchange of ideas now and for generations to come. This year, we are honoured to present George F. Will as the John Bonython Lecturer addressing The Crisis of Capitalism.

Join us at this intellectually stimulating gala dinner in Sydney on June 2 with one of America’s most celebrated political writers.

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