DR DAVID KILCULLEN - What are we fighting for? Islamism and the threat to liberal ideas

As Australia and the world at large reels in continuing shock from the atrocities and rapidly progressing state-building agenda of the Islamic State terrorist groups, liberal Western values are once again under threat.

Once again an anti-Enlightenment, anti-democratic, authoritarian movement seeks to subjugate or destroy the free peoples of the world, its ideology incompatible with liberty and peace.

Counterinsurgency expert and military strategist Dr David Kilcullen will deliver The Centre for Independent Studies’ annual John Bonython Lecture on recurring Occidentalism, why Western values are anathema to Islamists, and why we must take decisive action now to counter the Jihadist ideology that is spreading around the world.

How long is this conflict likely to last? Is this the start of a new conflict, or the continuation of an old one? And what are the likely geopolitical ramifications and impact on Australia?

This is a rare opportunity to discuss the broader philosophical issues about what we are fighting for and to ask questions directly to Dr Kilcullen during a special Q&A session after his address. Dr Kilcullen will also be available after the dinner to meet guests and sign copies of his books which will be available for sale by The Constant Reader.

The issues of freedom of speech, action, thought, religion and association are at the very heart of the work that The Centre for Independent Studies has been undertaking for the past 38 years. We hope that you will join with us now more than ever to uphold the values which underpin Australian society: liberty, progress, limited government and a free market economy. Because ideas and ideology do matter.

Dr David Kilcullen is Founder and Chairman of Caerus Associates LLC. He is also a Senior Fellow in the Future of War program at the New America Foundation. A former Australian Army officer, David has worked with the Australian and US Governments including roles as senior counter-insurgency advisor to General David Petraeus, Chief Strategist in the Counterterrorism Bureau at the U.S State Department and special advisor for counter-insurgency to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.