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Credlin on 2019

A political overview of 2019 from Peta Credlin, host of Credlin on Sky News Live and former chief of staff to Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

For years, the polls, press gallery and betting markets pointed to a solid Labor victory at this year’s federal election. Yet on May 18 the Coalition Government, which has had three leaders in six years, tightened its hold on Parliament while a humiliated Labor Party lost crucial marginal seats across Queensland, Tasmania and New South Wales.

In the privacy of the voting booth, “quiet Australians,” as the Prime Minister calls them, decided that their interests lay in a low-tax and resource-rich market economy. The election will go down as the most dramatic failure of discernment in the history of Australian punditry.

What now for Scott Morrison’s policy reform agenda? How does the ALP bounce back from its shock defeat? And given that it profoundly misread public opinion, what lessons will the mainstream media learn from the year?


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