Debunking the equality myth: A critique of ‘The Spirit Level’ – The Centre for Independent Studies

Debunking the equality myth: A critique of 'The Spirit Level'

In their hugely influential book, The Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett argue that everybody’s lives would be improved if income inequality were reduced. They say that health, education, crime, community cohesion and many other indicators are all better in more equal countries. Politicians across the world have been influenced by their book – but do their claims stand up? In this Meet the Researcher lecture, conducted via video link from the UK, CIS Senior Fellow Peter Saunders exposes some of the fallacies in their argument and the weaknesses in their evidence. His talk is based on a new edition of his critique of The Spirit Level, entitled Beware False Prophets, which will be published later this month by CIS.

A Meet the Researcher lecture