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Discovery and Creation in the Law

Discovery and Creation in the Law

The Centre is pleased to announce that good friend and esteemed legal scholar and US Court of Appeals Judge the Hon. Douglas H Ginsburg will be in Sydney for a short visit in early May. 

On Wednesday, 6 May we will host an evening lecture by Justice Ginsburg where he explores how judges weigh competing principles and decide what the law is. What has led to the development of the common law in England, Australia and the United States? Is it simply judicial activism and personal morality by judges or do customary practices and economic concepts underpin general principles which judges interpret and apply to particular cases? Justice Ginsburg will provide us invaluable insights from his extensive and illustrious career on the bench.

Justice Douglas H. Ginsburg joined the George Mason law faculty as Professor of Law in July 2013 and continues also to serve as senior circuit judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. 

Judge Ginsburg is a leading authority on competition law and policy, administrative law, and law and economics. In his distinguished career, he has been a professor of law at Harvard University (1975-1983); held a number of posts in the executive branch of federal government (1983-1986), including assistant attorney general for antitrust in the U.S. Department of Justice; and was then appointed to the United States Court of Appeals in 1986 by President Ronald Reagan, serving as chief judge from 2001 to 2008.

Judge Ginsburg taught as an adjunct professor at George Mason over a number of years, as well as having appointments as a visiting lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School and a visiting professor at University College London, Faculty of Laws. For the two years prior to joining the George Mason law faculty, Judge Ginsburg was on the faculty of New York University.


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