DR ARTHUR HERMAN - History as the Story of Liberty: A Globalised Western Civilisation

A world that seems on the brink of disaster, looks very different seventy years, or even a decade later. This is a key theme of the whole of European and western history: change is constant and constantly shifts our perspective. We live in a world in which dogmas are constantly challenged and overthrown, and new truths emerge. They in turn may rise to dogmas of their own, but not if the original formulations are kept in mind and kept alive. The power of renewal, of a Renaissance and renascence; this too is part of the secret of the West’s resilience and strength. The West has to remain a vital force in the world; it has powerful gifts, and a crucial lesson to offer. That is the power of liberty to shape the world for the better, and to bring a final accord to the people of a society and to the societies around them. That is the history that bears repeating and which we forget at our and the planet’s peril.