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Frank Furedi | The Fear Epidemic

Everyone seems to be cursing 2020. We have seen a coronavirus pandemic, mass unemployment, an impending recession or depression, Black Lives Matter riots, all while the scourge of cancel culture continues at pace.

All these events have led to another epidemic — fear. We are told to fear the virus, fear economic collapse, and fear…each other. But have you ever wondered how fear works? To answer that question, we invited Frank Furedi of the University of Kent in Canterbury, England to an interview.

Watch the event here:

In the interview, Frank and CIS policy analyst Monica Wilkie discuss the shift from assuming people are resilient, to assuming they are vulnerable. What impact has how fear ridden culture had on individuals and society?

Professor Furedi is a respected sociologist and a well-known media commentator. He is the author of twenty-four books including Culture of Fear, Where Have All The Intellectuals Gone?, Paranoid Parenting, Therapy Culture, and the forthcoming book Democracy Under Siege: Don’t let them lock it down!

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