Happy Holidays? The Meaning of Christmas in 21st Century Australia - Rev Peter Kurti

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“Christmas comes but once a year” so the old saying goes, and this brings a cry of relief from the moral crusaders who like to denigrate Western traditions while offering “the sort of support that inner-city chardonnay drinkers can only give to cultures other than their own.” (James Allan, InCISe blog, 26 October 2011)

Following on from last year and our light-hearted examination of a politically correct Christmas, this year we will ask: What is the point of Christmas? Weighing in on this emotive issue will be CIS researchers Jessica Brown and Luke Malpass, and the new addition to the CIS team, Reverend Peter Kurti, who is currently working on the Religion and the Free Society program.

Join us for a celebration of Christmas as we toast the spirit of peace and goodwill.