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Images of Liberty & Power - David Hart

hartdWorks of art, statues, posters and caricatures have been used for centuries to promote or criticise political leaders and their policies. On the side of defending and promoting “Power”, we have examples such as statues of successful generals which were erected in public spaces; official portraits of monarchs, emperors and presidents; and crude works of political propaganda in wartime. On the other side of defending and promoting “Liberty”, we have examples of witty caricatures of venal and corrupt politicians, decorative art for books about liberty, and other works which celebrate successful efforts to extend the realm of liberty.

The historian Dr. David Hart has been exploring the political dimensions of art for many years. He is a libertarian with interests in the history of the classical liberal tradition, war and culture, and libertarian class theory. In this lecture for the CIS, David will present a representative sample of pro-power and pro-liberty images, place them in their historical context, and analyse their political meaning and purpose.

For more information go to “Images of Liberty and Power” at the OLL and David’s personal website


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