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Liberalism in Question | Podcast

Hosted by CIS Senior Fellow, Rob Forsyth. In today’s world, we are more aware than ever about what is happening. With 24-7 news cycles and the advent of social media, we have everything at our fingertips. Yet, do we ever stop to reflect on the principles of our society, values, and beliefs?

Over the season, Rob speaks to a wide range of guests, to seek their take on ‘the bigger picture’ of classical liberalism and explores what they see as the role of government, business, and community in a healthy liberal society and whether they see limitations in liberalism.

Episode 1 – John Howard – 1st December 2020

Featuring former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard.

Episode 2 – Ian Harper – 8th December 2020

Featuring economist and Member of the RBA Board, Ian Harper.

Episode 3 – Salvatore Babones – 15th December 2020

Featuring sociologist and A/Prof at University of Sydney, Salvatore Babones.

Episode 4 – Stan Grant – 22nd December 2020

Featuring news and political journalist and television presenter, Stan Grant.

Episode 5 – Tim Wilson – 29th December 2020

Featuring Federal Member for Goldstein, Tim Wilson.

Episode 6 – Glenn Fahey – 5th January 2021

Featuring CIS Research Fellow in Education Policy, Glenn Fahey.

Episode 7 – Parnell McGuinness – 12th January 2021

Featuring Parnell McGuinness.

Episode 8 – Michael Spence – 19th January 2021

Featuring incoming President and Provost of UCL, Michael Spence.

Episode 9 – Simon Haines – 26th January 2021

Featuring CEO of the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation in Sydney, Simon Haines.

Episode 10 – Peter Kurti – 2nd February 2021

Featuring CIS Director of Culture, Prosperity & Civil Society, Peter Kurti.