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Liberty & Society 2022 | Sydney

Applications for 2022 are now open.

Do you believe in free markets, smaller government, and individual liberty? Perhaps you’ve studied the works of Freidrich Hayek, Adam Smith, or Jonathan Haidt. If this sounds like you, the CIS has an exciting opportunity for you to meet and network with other like-minded people from Australia and New Zealand.

The Liberty and Society Student Conference is a unique 2-day conference for students interested in exploring important economic, political, and philosophical issues of past and present from a classical liberal and libertarian framework. The conference is now in its 27th year and has supported over 1000 students including the likes of Josh Frydenberg, Kelly O’Dwyer, and Simon Bridges.

This is an opportunity to challenge yourself and build upon your existing philosophical framework with the support of CIS and our distinguished speakers and researchers. More information on the L&S conference and program can be found here. It’s also a great networking weekend and over the years has resulted in building a group of people who have a continued interest in classical liberal ideas.

Applications close at 5 pm Friday, 8 April 2022. There is no cost to participate in this conference. All meals, accommodation, and sessions are covered. Participating interstate students may wish to apply for reimbursement for flights and transfers to the conference. The conference will run from 6.30 pm on Friday until 3.30 pm on Sunday in May 2022 (Subject to local restrictions).


We look forward to your application. When attending this conference, you will be asked to check-in to comply with Covid regulations. If you are feeling unwell or have symptoms prior to or at the conference, we respectfully ask that you do not attend.

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