Liberty & Society 2018 | Sydney – The Centre for Independent Studies

Liberty & Society 2018 | Sydney

The Liberty and Society Student Conference organised by The Centre for Independent Studies is now in its 22nd  year. The conference will return to Sydney in 2018 and is a rare opportunity for free thinking students to gather for a weekend of discussion, debate and engaging conversations about topical and societal issues from a classical liberal and libertarian viewpoint.

If you are interested in Hayek, Haidt, free-markets, smaller government and liberty then this conference is an opportunity to meet, debate and network with other like-minded people from across Australia and New Zealand.

We can announce that this year’s speakers are Dr John Thrasher from Monash University; Professor Jonathan Crowe from Bond University and Andrew Norton, Higher Education expert from The Grattan Institute.  Additional speaker to be announced shortly.

L&S recognises the importance of exposing, challenging and supporting young people who have an interest in exploring the foundations of a free society. The Liberty and Society student conferences are highly regarded with many participants saying the weekend was pivotal in building their personal philosophical framework. More information on the L&S conference and program can be found here. 

Challenge yourself.

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