Liberty & Society Student Conference 2018

No safe spaces here. Come and free your mind!

The Liberty and Society Student Conference organised by The Centre for Independent Studies is now in its 22nd  year. The conference will return to Sydney in 2018 and is a rare opportunity for free thinking students to gather for a weekend of discussion, debate and engaging conversations about topical and societal issues from a classical liberal and libertarian viewpoint.

If you are interested in Hayek, Haidt, free-markets, smaller government and liberty then this conference is an opportunity to meet, debate and network with other like-minded people from across Australia and New Zealand.

We can announce that this year’s speakers are Dr John Thrasher from Monash University; Professor Jonathan Crowe from Bond University and Andrew Norton, Higher Education expert from The Grattan Institute.  Additional speaker to be announced shortly.

L&S recognises the importance of exposing, challenging and supporting young people who have an interest in exploring the foundations of a free society. The Liberty and Society student conferences are highly regarded with many participants saying the weekend was pivotal in building their personal philosophical framework. More information on the L&S conference and program can be found here. 

Challenge yourself.

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