Lunch with Daniel Hannan – Perth – The Centre for Independent Studies

Lunch with Daniel Hannan - Perth


In March 2009, British MEP Daniel Hannan became an overnight sensation when a YouTube clip of his rebuke of PM Gordon Brown went viral. It was picked up by news channels around the world and peaked at more than 3 million views.

He is widely read in the USA where his book The New Road To Serfdom, which warned Americans of the dangers of European style socialism, became a best seller.

Now his new book Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World provides a history of the English-speaking world’s traditions of liberty. It demonstrates how these innovations were and remain instrumental in creating the free and prosperous world we live in today.

Hannan urges us to cherish those triumphs of western civilisation which have made better societies wherever they’ve been applied – the rule of law, elected democracies and freedom of speech. Our democratic inheritance must be preserved for the generations to come.

In the last few years, Daniel Hannan has been recognised all over the English-speaking world as one of this generation’s most eloquent voices for freedom. Hannan has a scholar’s mastery of the history of liberty and a politician’s grasp of the powerful forces vying to determine our future.

Now Hannan brings his urgent and invigorating message to Australia. The CIS is pleased to present you this opportunity to hear Dan Hannan in person.

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