Malcolm Turnbull on The Modest Member - The Life and Times of Bert Kelly 04 DECEMBER 2013

Join us Malcolm Turnbullfor drinks and good conversation at the NSW launch of Hal Colebatch’s new book, The Modest Member, on the late Bert Kelly, a stalwart South Australian politician who championed free trade at a time when protectionism was rampant in Australia.

In a piece in the Australian Financial Review recently, Senator Scott Ryan describes Kelly as having “understood and outlined that the protectionist regime was not only inefficient, it lacked moral legitimacy. He knew it did not protect those it claimed to. He understood it was unfair for one to subsidise another and for that person not to know how much it was costing them.”

The launch will be made by the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP, Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband. Copies of The Modest Member: The Life and Times of Bert Kelly will be available for sale at the event and afterwards courtesy of The Constant Reader bookstore.

bert kelly book cover