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Melbourne: Millennials' dangerous ignorance of Communism

There is a natural impulse in people to bring the rich and powerful down — to create equality and a better, more decent society. The impulse was drowned out for the latter part of the 20th century by knowledge in the West of how horribly wrong the Communist experiments had gone. However, new generations are growing up knowing little or nothing about what happened. They have no intellectual defence against the apparent idealism of Marxist thought and are increasingly tempted to accept it.

Join us at this special event in Melbourne as Tom Switzer sits down in conversation with James Bartholomew, London-based author and columnist with UK Telegraph who coined the term “virtue signalling”. James has published two books: The Welfare of Nations and The Welfare State We’re In.

James has a keen interest in Communism and, through his Museum of Communist Terrors, highlights knowledge and understanding of the deaths, terror and economic failure that has taken place under Communist regimes in the 20th century.