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Minor Parties, Major Impact!

Nearly one of out of every six votes cast in the 2013 federal election was cast for representatives outside of the the three main political parties, and every state elected at least one senator from outside the mainstream of politics. With new parties like Palmer United Party gaining prominence and established minor parties like Family First and the Liberal Democrats gaining influence, now is a good time to look at the impact that minor parties have on our democratic system.

We are extremely lucky to have two newly elected Senators joining us. David Leyonhjelm, the Liberal Democratic Party’s Senator-elect for NSW and Bob Day, the Family First Senator-elect for South Australia will join CIS staff members and media commentators Cass Wilkinson and Simon Cowan to examine what is causing the increase in popularity among minor parties; whether minor parties are good for democracy; and whether the proposed reforms to curb the influence of minor parties are simply gerrymandering by the majors or if they are closing loopholes that are being exploited.

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