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Nudging Nanny Aside

Live via Skype, CIS is pleased to present Brendan O’Neill, editor of spiked, the “sassy, irreverent UK-based online magazine of news and opinion”. Labelled “one of Britain’s sharpest social commentators” by the Daily Telegraph, a “libertarian ideologue” by The Independent, a “Marxist proletarian firebrand” by The Guardian, and a “loony lefty hack” by the British National Party, Brendan O’Neill writes widely for publications on both sides of the Atlantic including The Spectator, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, the British Journalism Review, American Prospect, The American Conservative and Reason magazine. He is also a feature-writer for the BBC in Britain.

In this CIS event, Brendan will look at why nudging is replacing nannying, particularly in the US and the UK, and will examine why it’s just as dangerous.