Rendering unto Caesar: New Challenges for Church and State - Dr Samuel Gregg

At the heart of liberty is religious liberty. Respecting religious belief usually necessitates a sphere of freedom for individuals and communities immune from state control, unless it is willing to become tyrannical.
Gregg proposes that the future focus of faith communities in pluralist societies should be on what he calls “culture-molding.” Building up and replenishing sources of moral and social capital is one of the great services that faith communities can provide to society, especially democratic societies.

DR SAMUEL GREGG is the Director of Research at The Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr Gregg has an MA in political philosophy from the University of Melbourne, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in moral philosophy from the University of Oxford. He has written and spoken extensively on questions of ethics in public policy, jurisprudence, bioethics, and ethics in business. His publications include Morality, Law, and Public Policy (2000), Economic Thinking for the Theologically Minded (2001), and On Ordered Liberty (2003), as well as articles in journals such as Markets and Morality, Crisis, and Policy.