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Research Brief - The case against tax increases in Australia

This Research Brief will detail how the tax burden is set to increase sharply in coming years and go well above historical averages. We will examine arguments against these tax increases, including an outline of new evidence that Australia is not a low taxing country.

During the evening we will outline why these tax increases are not required to balance the budget or fix revenue shortfalls caused by the end of the mining boom. The brief will also outline the substantial costs of forecast tax increases.

The Brief will also address specific problems caused by Australia’s uncompetitve company tax burden and the importance of reducing this burden.

The report in which this brief is based, is the latest in a series of reports in support of the CIS’s TARGET30 campaign, which advocates a cap of 30% on government spending (at all levels of government) as proportion of GDP. You can access the report here.

Our speakers will be:

michael-potter2Michael Potter, CIS Research Fellow (Economics Program). Michael has worked for the Parliamentary Budget Office, the Federal Departments of Treasury, Environment and also Prime Minister and Cabinet where he advised then Prime Minister John Howard on the introduction of the GST. He has also worked as Director, Economics and Taxation at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Andrew BraggAndrew is also a regular commentator on tax reform, federation, trade, and superannuation policy in daily newspapers, radio and television. He is the Director of the ASX Corporate Governance Council as well as Chairman at Asia Pacific Regional Committee of the Global Investment Performance Standards.




Details are as follows:

Date: Thursday, 30 June 2016

Location: The Centre for Independent Studies, Level 1/131 Macquarie Street, Sydney 2000

Start time: 5:45pm

End time: 7:00pm