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Schools producing woke sense and sensibilities

Schools and universities have become preoccupied with cushioning students’ experiences, rather than challenging them. The shift towards ‘woke culture’ has begun to stifle free and open discussion of political and cultural opinions. This has led to a generation suffering from groupthink, turning to social activism, shifting focus away from academic achievement and real-world experiences.

What are the consequences of cushioning, rather than challenging students? Is there a balance to be struck between pragmatism and social anxiety? Have educators lost their way in preparing students for the harsh realities of the real world?

Baroness Fox of Buckley, Claire Fox, is director and founder of the Academy of Ideas, and a former Member of the European Parliament. In her book, I Find That Offensive!, she examines the causes and consequences of what she calls: ‘Generation Snowflake’.

Dr Tanveer Ahmed, is a psychiatrist, author and columnist for the Australian Financial Review on social issues. His 2016 book Fragile Nation looked at the growing construction of vulnerability. He treats adolescents, has served on local government and advised government on immigration and cohesion.

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Host: Glenn Fahey is a research fellow in education policy at CIS with a particular focus on education finance and accountability.

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