What's the Point of the ABC? Is There a Case for Public Investment in Broadcasting? TUESDAY 15 APRIL 06:00PM - 08:00PM

Join us in this free flowing discussion with special guests Nick Cater, Brendan O’Neill, Paul Kelly and Andrew West.

Before we can decide if the ABC is doing a good job, we first have to ask what job we want the ABC to do.

If public investment in broadcasting is to continue, we must be clear about its public purpose. Yet its charter is more than 30 years old and was conceived in a very different environment when Australia had only five TV Channels and the Internet was largely unknown.

In an era of information abundance, what can the ABC and SBS offer that cannot be generated by the private sector?

Should it attempt to rediscover the noble Reithian principles it once embraced, standing serenely at the centre of Australian life as a beacon for cultural excellence?

Or is its job to correct market failure, broadcasting programs the private sector does not have the cash or the confidence to make?

Pre-event refreshments served from 6:00pm, talks commence at 6:30pm.