World Economy At The Crossroads: European Disasters And Asian Opportunities. Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich

The tectonic plates of the world economy are shifting. While the West is in crisis, Asia is set to dominate the 21st century. What will happen next in Europe’s fiscal and monetary crisis? Will the Euro break up? Or is the European Central Bank trying to save the Euro by printing it? Can Asia save us? And where will all of this leave Australia?

CIS Research Fellow Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich has become Australia’s most prominent expert on European affairs. As early as February 2010, he predicted that the Greek virus would spread to Italy, and he is a much sought-after economics commentator on radio and TV. Join Dr Hartwich for this Meet the Researcher lecture, in which he will give his assessment of the state of the world economy and the future of the Euro … if the Euro survives until then, that is.

Meet the Researcher lecture