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“Australia’s fiscal problem at its most basic can be stated as a budget deficit that won’t go away without deliberate policy action to reduce it.”

The economy is headed for difficult times, and we are entering a period of economic and cultural instability. The debt our children will inherit is already having an impact on their future. To affect change, we need to continue to challenge policies that have created these problems and fight for better alternatives.

While the government must address cultural, education and fiscal reforms to improve the country’s productivity and economic growth, CIS will continue to fight for reforms.

Home ownership. Our program on housing affordability has helped make the issue a topic of national discussion. The inability to provide adequate housing is still one of our greatest challenges.

Economy. Our resilient economy is masking serious fiscal and economic challenges. Not only do we face rapidly growing government spending and spiralling cost of living, but we need productivity enhancing reform to generate rising living standards for future generations. The CIS is one of a very few organisations taking this challenge seriously.

Education. CIS has been instrumental in bringing education issues to the forefront of public attention. Understanding how children learn has achieved significant traction in policy circles and with teachers.

Indigenous Forum. We recently held an Oxford style debate interrogating both the yes and the no case for the Voice. Watch the debate video on our website.

Intergenerational. CIS is producing evidence-driven research on issues that matter to young Australians such as, income, mobility, and youth entrepreneurship.

Culture. Research into ‘postcolonial theory’ highlights how activism is undermining the liberal principles of our society and our ‘Liberalism in Question’ program explores issues and questions facing classical liberalism today.

“We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of our members and donors”

With your help CIS can continue to make Australia a better place in which to live. Your tax-deductible donation is an important way of supporting our work towards that goal.