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Media Releases

  • The death blow to car industry assistance

    11 Dec 2013

    The departure of Holden is a clear sign that corporate welfare doesn't work. Read More

  • Abolish the award system

    23 May 2013

    Awards and penalty rates are onerous, outdated and should be abolished. Read More

  • Don’t raise the super guarantee rate

    26 Nov 2012

    Abandon plans to increase the superannuation guarantee’s compulsory contribution rate from 9% to 12%. Read More

  • Emissions Tax: The Least Worst Option

    Luke Malpass | 16 Jul 2009

    A carbon tax could reduce income tax or petrol prices: The New Zealand government’s emissions trading system, due to come into force in 2010 for energy and 2013 for agriculture, is the wrong approach,... Read More