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Opinion & Commentary


Opinion and Commentary contains media articles written by CIS researchers.

  • Gillard Deal Risks NDIS Timebomb

    13 May 2013 | The Australian Financial Review

    In its eagerness to lock in the funding and governance arrangements for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the Gillard government seems to have created a fiscal time bomb, where future federal... Read More

  • Only a super-style savings system now will help Medicare survive

    30 Apr 2013 | The Australian

    THE intergenerational reports have told us repeatedly that escalating government spending on health is unsustainable in an ageing Australia. But despite the warnings about the future of the health system,... Read More

  • Increasing the super contribution rate is a second-rate solution

    08 Jan 2013 | The Conversation

    It is timely to re-examine the economic case for compulsory superannuation. Read More

  • Better ideas than raising super guarantee

    28 Nov 2012 | Australian Financial Review

    Is compulsory super improving retirement incomes and reducing future demands on the budget from an ageing population? Read More

  • Only migrant workers can fill the gap

    05 Jun 2012 | Australian Financial Review

    Temporary, skilled migration is the only viable solution for the resources sector. Read More

  • In search of a Greek hero

    14 Feb 2012 | Business Spectator

    To escape from its current mess, Greece does not need more Sisyphus work. It needs someone to tackle the Herculean task of cutting the country loose from Europe’s monetary union. Read More

  • Should Australia’s population be controlled?

    02 Oct 2011 | Sunday Herald Sun

    Australia should embrace population growth Read More

  • A few home truths on people and houses

    28 Sep 2011 | The Age

    Population growth: starting acting, not discussing Read More

  • Change attitude rather than limit population

    28 Sep 2011 | The West Australian

    Population growth: starting acting, not discussing. Australia should embrace its population growth . Read More

  • Sighs of relief heard from the bankers' bunkers

    16 Sep 2011 | The Age

    Alas, the GFC showed that it is impossible for democratic governments to let large financial institutions fail, however much they should. It is a government's job to free taxpayers from unwittingly providing... Read More

  • Wet ink on a euro death notice

    13 Sep 2011 | Business Spectator

    The euro has been a moribund currency for years. The remaining options to buy it more time have been blocked by the German constitutional court. To end this farcical tragedy someone needs to put the final... Read More

  • Same cracks, just a new coat of paint

    07 Sep 2011 | The Australian Financial Review

    Analysis of the NSW Budget Read More

  • Time to revisit RBA board

    07 Sep 2011 | The Australian Financial Review

    Union leaders would have you believe that the board of the Reserve Bank of Australia is beholden to the big end of town, but the current unnecessarily tight monetary policy indicates that this is not the... Read More

  • NSW budget: time to cut and shed Mick Dundee image

    06 Sep 2011 | Crikey

    With a public service head count just shy of 390,000, NSW puts the Commonwealth government, with a mere 270,000 staff, to shame. Macquarie Street employs 10% of the NSW workforce. Read More

  • Don't get starry-eyed about housing

    05 Sep 2011 | Sydney Morning Herald

    In textbook markets there is no need for price forecasts. Prices are determined by the interaction of supply and demand. If you fed a supercomputer with all the relevant information about buyer preferences,... Read More

  • Don't get starry-eyed about housing

    05 Sep 2011 | Sydney Morning Herald

    In textbook markets there is no need for price forecasts. Prices are determined by the interaction of supply and demand. If you fed a supercomputer with all the relevant information about buyer preferences,... Read More

  • A miracle that masks a mirage

    01 Sep 2011 | The Australian

    As it turns out, there is not much in the German manufacturing example that Australia should copy. We would be much better advised to make the best of our own comparative advantages of being a resource-rich... Read More

  • A poisoned chalice of EU power

    25 Aug 2011 | Business Spectator

    Eurobonds had not even been on the agenda (officially, that is), and an EU-wide tax on financial transactions almost certainly will die aborning. In another way, however, the Merkel and Sarkozy show was... Read More

  • Who needs credit ratings? They should be optional

    23 Aug 2011 | Crikey

    Banks and investors should thrive or die by the quality of their own assessments of credit risk. They have the most incentive to get it right, writes Adam Creighton, a research fellow at The Centre For... Read More

  • US Congress swapped a crisis yesterday for a bigger crisis tomorrow

    09 Aug 2011 | Crikey

    I provoked a tirade of abuse from Crikey readers in the past fortnight when I suggested it would be preferable that the $14.3 trillion United States debt ceiling not be raised. Read More

  • Dollars must flow if numbers to grow

    29 Jul 2011 | The Age

    Debate about Australia's population is framed with national aggregates and ignores how local governments deal with increased population. Part of the reason Australians are averse to more people is because... Read More

  • Think local and give country towns the freedom to prosper or perish

    23 Jul 2011 | The Australian

    FOR politicians, and especially for town planners, letting people decide where and how they want to live has never been an acceptable idea. Administrative elites have always been convinced they know better... Read More

  • Growing anger in local government

    21 Jul 2011 | The Courier Mail

    So how well are Australian local government leaders really equipped to deal with population growth? Read More

  • Local councils deserve a better financial deal

    18 Jul 2011 | The Canberra Times

    Council rates surging to pay for new residents Read More

  • Council rates surging to pay for new residents

    15 Jul 2011 | Crikey

    Local Government struggling to pay for new residents Read More

  • Hey regulators, remember the GFC

    14 Jun 2011 | Crikey

    Housing sector ignores lessons from the GFC at taxpayers’ peril. Read More

  • Population debate: we pretend growth is not inevitable

    13 Jun 2011 | The Australian

    The longer we pretend we can stop population growth, or protest that we don’t want growth to happen, the more difficult the job will become. Read More

  • Gillard's population policy at sea

    17 May 2011 | Business Spectator

    Swan’s 16,000 new migration places aren’t really new places, just a reshuffling of the existing quota to induce more migrants to move to regional areas. Read More

  • Population growth makes us smarter, richer

    04 May 2011 | The Newcastle Herald

    The economic significance of more people is not in the contribution made by their hands or their mouths but their minds. Read More

  • The economics of water in a growing population

    04 Apr 2011 | ABC News

    The water challenge in Australia is not the amount of rainfall but its extreme variability. Read More

  • Population growth is not all about immigration

    31 Mar 2011 | The Punch

    Population growth is neither an impending disaster nor something we should blindly strive for—it is simply happening as a result of our economic progress and the collective desires of millions of people. Read More

  • Population bomb still a fizzer 40 years on

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 08 Nov 2010 | The Australian

    Anti-population growth campaigners like Paul Ehrlich claim to be fighting for the environment and sustainability. In effect, they are actually promoting a new, green version of misanthropy. It is time... Read More

  • The small Australia nightmare

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 07 Oct 2010 | Business Spectator

    As one of the very few rich countries that still has a young and growing population, Australia should embrace this opportunity and continue to grow. Read More

  • Population growth is an age-old problem, get used to it

    Jessica Brown | 07 Oct 2010 | The Sydney Morning Herald

    Population growth will bring challenges, but it will also bring opportunities. Let's hope we can harness our creative potential to meet them. Read More

  • Taking the boom out of the population debate

    Jessica Brown | 07 Oct 2010 | ABC News

    Policymakers who think they can avoid the challenges of a growing population simply by cutting migration should think again. Read More

  • State the obvious in the big Australia debate

    Oliver Marc Hartwich | 07 Oct 2010 | Newcastle Herald

    Population policy requires a federation fix. Read More

  • Australia's real challenge is population ageing

    Jessica Brown | 23 Aug 2010 | Sydney Morning Herald

    We need a mature debate on  population growth, says Jessica Brown in The Age (Business), 23 August 2010 Read More