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The Servile State: Studies in Empirical Philosophy
John Anderson
01 April 2009 | CC2

John Anderson has two passions – philosophy and freedom, and The Servile State is philosophy analysing social and moral tendencies destructive of freedom. Anderson rejects any belief in a utopian harmony, arguing that every society is the location of a struggle between freedom and repressive tendencies, repression usually demanding conformity by promising harmony, peace and (in economically turbulent times) material…

Liberty and Liberalism
Bruce Smith
01 January 2005 | CC1

The following pages have been written for the purpose of tracing the gradual but sure growth of our civil liberty, from historic times, downward to our own day, and of investigating the great principles which inspired our ancestors, in their efforts to secure that great inheritance to us, their posterity. A further object that I have had in view—and perhaps…