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Sacred & Profane: Faith and Belief in a Secular Society
Peter Kurti
20 September 2020

CLICK HERE TO BUY HARDCOPY Peter Kurti lifts up the stone on questions that our secular society thought it had buried forever – notably that of euthanasia – and reminds us that the moral aspects…

Corporate Virtue Signalling: How to Stop Big Business from Meddling in Politics
Jeremy Sammut
30 April 2019

CLICK HERE TO BUY HARDCOPY   Snowflake- A very sensitive person. Someone who is easily hurt or offended by the statements or actions of others. If you thought corporate virtue signalling peaked when 1300 Australian…

Euthanasia: Putting the Culture to Death?
Peter Kurti
02 September 2018

CLICK HERE TO BUY HARDCOPY Mounting pressure to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia is a one-way ratchet asserting the primacy of individual choice. Euthanasia advocates insist nothing can ever outweigh that choice. But in this…

The Future of Medicare: Health Innovation in 21st Century Australia
Jeremy Sammut, David Gadiel, Jessica Borbasi, Peta Seaton, Gerald Thomas
01 June 2018

CLICK HERE TO BUY HARDCOPY If the status quo prevails, and we do not overcome the formidable political obstacles to doing things differently in health, Medicare will not only become increasingly unaffordable. Medicare will also…

The Tyranny of Tolerance. Threats to Religious Liberty in Australia
Peter Kurti
18 June 2017 | Connorcourt Publishing

It was a confident expectation for more than a century that religion — its beliefs, doctrines and institutions — would atrophy in the face of growing secularisation. But not only has traditional Christianity survived in…