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  1. Flight of the Kiwi: Addressing the Brain Drain

    Andrew Patterson, David Kirk, Don Turkington, Luke Malpass | 27 Mar 2012 | Policy Forum

    Why are so many New Zealanders flocking to Australian shores, and what can be done to stop the so-called Kiwi ‘brain drain’? In... Read More...

  2. The Decade-long Binge: How Government Squandered Ten Years of Economic Prosperity

    Luke Malpass | 17 Nov 2011 | Issue Analysis

    Government spending in New Zealand has increased enormously over the past decade in order to meet social goals. From 2000-2010... Read More...

  3. Alcohol Policy and the Politics of Moral Panic

    Luke Malpass | 26 May 2011 | Policy Monographs

    New Zealand’s proposed liquor legislation marks a return to old attitudes towards alcohol regulation that perversely believe,... Read More...

  4. FEATURE: A 'Regulatory Constitution' for New Zealand

    Roger Kerr | 17 Jun 2010 | POLICY Magazine

    New Zealand is analysing the potential and prospects of a Regulatory Responsibility Act.

  5. Superseding MMP: Real Electoral Reform for New Zealand

    Luke Malpass | 16 Mar 2010 | Policy Monographs

    New Zealanders need to seize the opportunity of the upcoming referendum on electoral reform and reinvent their system of... Read More...

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Opinion & Commentary

  1. Kiwis put ETS on the shelf

    Luke Malpass | 15 Dec 2011 | The Australian Financial Review

    New Zealand’s realistic policy approach, combined with its almost defunct carbon market, should be a real wake-up call ... Read More

  2. Land of the long white cloud faces bad weather

    Luke Malpass | 24 Nov 2011 | The Age

    SINCE 2008, New Zealand has been led by former investment banker John Key's National Party. The party campaigned on growing ... Read More

  3. Kiwis facing a critical choice

    Luke Malpass | 24 Nov 2011 | Australian Financial Review

    New Zealand must overcome challenging economic conditions, writes Luke Malpass... Read More

  4. Spending Spree wasted decade of prosperity

    Luke Malpass | 18 Nov 2011 | The National Business Review

    NZ’s decade long spending binge was prosperity wasted.... Read More

  5. Stop pricing young workers out of the labour force

    Eric Crampton | 10 Jun 2011 | The Dominion Post

    Minimum wages hurt employment prospects for the people they're intended to help.... Read More

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  1. The taxman cometh

    Robert Carling | 17 Feb 2012

    The government isn’t making any economic sense fighting against a deficit in the budget....

  2. A Kiwi approach on emissions

    Luke Malpass | 16 Dec 2011

    Australia needs to learn from New Zealand’s subtle reversal on emissions trading....

  3. New Zealand’s spending binge

    Luke Malpass | 18 Nov 2011

    Despite a two-fold increase in government spending to $70.5 billion, health, education and other social indicators have hardly ...

  4. A scrappy state of affairs

    Luke Malpass | 28 Oct 2011

    Think New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup win was scrappy; you should take a look at the country’s financial situation....

  5. Unions vs Representation

    Luke Malpass | 30 Sep 2011

    Reforming Australian industrial relations needs to begin with scrapping award wages....

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