Issue Analysis


Australia and the Asian Ascendancy: Why Upskilling is Not Necessary to Reap the Rewards
Benjamin Herscovitch
19 February 2013 | IA137

Australia’s Asian embrace: Australia’s exports to Asia are almost triple its exports to the rest of the world, and 7 out of Australia’s top 10 trading partners are in Asia. Exporting to Asia’s burgeoning middle-classes:…

After the Riot: the Meaning for Multicultural Australia
Benjamin Herscovitch, Jeremy Sammut, Peter Kurti
11 October 2012 | IA135

Innocence of Muslims Among thinking Australians, these concerns are not a manifestation of inherent prejudice; they are prompted by legitimate questions. Australian society has a long track record of successfully integrating migrants from diverse backgrounds.…

Faraway, So Close: How the Euro Crisis Affects Australia
Oliver Marc Hartwich
23 April 2012 | IA132

Europe’s economic crisis has been shaking financial markets for the past three years. Countries like Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and even Italy are in danger of defaulting on their debt. The continent’s banking system looks…

On the Right Track: Why NSW Needs Business Class Rail
Oliver Marc Hartwich
29 October 2009 | IA119

Every day, thousands of people travel between Sydney and the neighbouring urban centres of Wollongong, the Blue Mountains, and Newcastle. Increasingly over the last decade, these people are making the journey by private car instead…

Diminishing Democracy: The Threat Posed by Political Expenditure Laws
Andrew Norton
31 July 2009 | IA114

Electoral law reforms nearing a Senate vote risk making political activists inadvertent lawbreakers, deterring financial supporters of Australia’s civil society, and creating unnecessary bureaucratic burdens. These provisions are included in the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Political…