Occasional Papers


Between Two Worlds. Australian Foreign Policy Responses to New and Old Security Dilemmas
David Martin Jones
23 October 2005 | OP97

Australian foreign policy is entering an era of complexity and strategic uncertainty.  Globalisation has spawned the rise of new threats in the form of transnational crime syndicates smuggling drugs, people and weapons together with transnational…

Has History Restarted Since September 11?
Francis Fukuyama
03 April 2002 | OP81

Francis Fukuyama argues that the fracture line over globalisation could turn out to be a division, not between West and the Rest, but between the United States and the Rest. He examines the differing reactions…

Trading Phobias: Governments, NGOs and Globalisation
03 October 2000 | OP75

We live in an era of unprecedented material prosperity, and yet the post-war multilateral trading system largely responsible for the creation of this wealth is under threat.  Anne Krueger presents the Annual John Bonython Lecture.…

The Boundaries of Life’s Responsibilities- Community and Nation in a Global Environment
Gary Sturgess
01 July 1996 | OP57

Globalisation means increasing international influence on domestic life. Australians are selling and buying more on international markets, and the Australian government is subjecting itself to a wide variety of international treaties and agreements. As Gary…

Failure, Chaos and Leadership: Ingredients of Democratic Reform
Kenneth Baxter
01 August 1994 | OP49

In this Occasional Paper, delivered as a Bert Kelly Lecture in June 1994, Kenneth P. Baxter says that substantial and far-reaching changes must be made if Australia is not to become a ‘post-colonial relic on…