Occasional Papers


Impact Investing: harnessing capital markets to solve societal problems
Josephine Cashman
25 October 2017 | OP158

In the post GFC environment, with the risk and return matrix and reputation risk to corporations and financial institutions, capital markets are attracted to social impact investing. Impact investing, or social impact investing, offers opportunities…

Ending the Violence in Indigenous Communities
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Marcia Langton, Josephine Cashman
05 December 2016 | OP152

Urgent action is need to address the epidemic of violence in Indigenous communities. Aboriginal women are between 37 and 80 times more likely to experience family violence than non-Indigenous women. For too long, the voices…

Homeland Truths: The Unspoken Epidemic of Violence in Indigenous Communities
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
25 July 2016 | OP148

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price’s speech is a powerful personal plea to stop the violence against women and children by men and in particular, indigenous males.  She talks about the need for positive cultural change and for…

The Right to the Good Life: Improving Educational Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children
Marcia Langton
01 October 2013 | OP133

Education is a key ideological battleground in debates about how to address Indigenous disadvantage. Yet, as the recent report to Parliament on the progress with the ‘Close the Gap’ targets shows, much of what we…

Sustainability of Indigenous Communities
Ron Staples, Sara Hudson, Wesley Aird
20 December 2012 | OP127

Social indicators of Indigenous disadvantage prove that the orthodox methods of delivering services to Indigenous people have not worked. The failure of these methods is also indicated by the proliferation of approaches trying to work…