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Occasional Papers


Occasional Papers (OP) are short publications usually based on a lecture or presentation given at the CIS. Our annual John Bonython and Acton Lectures are part of the OP series.

  • The Power and the Responsibility: Child Protection in the Post-Welfare State Era

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Sep 2010 | OP117

    Government-run child protection services in Australia are plagued by systemic problems, including a misguided emphasis on family preservation. This paper examines the cultural, political and ideological... Read More

  • Civic Capitalism- An Australian Agenda for Institutional Renewal

    Nick Greiner | 01 May 1995 | OP54

    A new political middle ground is forming around the idea that successful societies depend on ‘social capital’- the goodwill, trust and sense of mutual obligation that underpin co-operation and community.... Read More

  • The Social Roots of Prosperity

    Brigette Berger | 01 May 1995 | OP55

    A society’s prosperity depends on its families. That is the central message of Brigitte Berger’s analysis of economic an and political success. Read More

  • The Long Debate on Poverty

    R.M. Hartwell | 10 May 1988 | OP21

    In The Long Debate on Poverty, Professor Hartwell analyses the debate on poverty and its historical roots; demonstrates the remarkable similarity between earlier and modern discussions on the subject;... Read More