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Policy Forum


Policy Forums (PF) collates and expands on lectures given at CIS Forum or workshop.

  • TARGET30: Reducing the burden for future generations

    01 Jul 2013 | PF25

    TARGET30 is a campaign promoting smaller government and cutting government spending to less than 30% of GDP in the next 10 years. This collection of speeches presented at the campaign’s launch focuses... Read More

  • Regulation or Strangulation? Banking After the Global Financial Crisis

    12 Jun 2012 | PF23

    Inadequate regulation of finance has taken much of the blame for the global financial crisis, leading governments around the world to design a new, tighter regime of regulation centred on the Basel III... Read More

  • Flight of the Kiwi: Addressing the Brain Drain

    27 Mar 2012 | PF22

    Why are so many New Zealanders flocking to Australian shores, and what can be done to stop the so-called Kiwi ‘brain drain’? In Flight of the Kiwi,four New Zealanders discuss the policy reforms that... Read More

  • Trans-Atlantic Fiscal Follies: The Sequel

    30 Nov 2011 | PF21

    What started as the US subprime crisis became the global financial crisis and has now developed into the Trans-Atlantic sovereign debt crisis. Read More

  • Regulating for Competition? Trade Practices Policy in a Changing Economy

    Michael James | 01 Dec 1989

    Arguments for a greater reliance on market forces to protect consumer welfare are explored in this collection by leading Australia, New Zealand and international authorities on the theory and practice... Read More

  • Takeovers and Corporate Control: Towards a New Regulatory Environment

    Peter Dodd | 01 Jul 1987 | PF5

    These papers from a CIS conference on takeovers represent a wide variety of viewpoints on the pros and cons of an unregulated market for corporate control. Read More

  • Changes in the Air? Issues in Domestic Aviation Policy

    Christopher Findlay | 01 Dec 1984 | PF3

    The papers in this volume examine various aspects of domestic aviation in Australia in light of economic research and attempt to suggest improvements. Read More

  • The Entreprenuer in Society

    Barry Maley | 01 Apr 1983 | PF2

    These papers explore the role of the entreprenuer in society. Read More

  • The Economics of Bureacracy and Statutory Authorities

    Gordon Tullock | 01 Jan 1983 | PF1

    This book looks at how government enterprises and regulatory agencies are evaluated by their efficiency and in terms of incentives. Read More