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Policy Monographs


Policy Monographs (PM) are pieces directly commenting on government policy, new programs or legislation.

  • The New Leviathan: A National Disability Insurance Scheme

    15 Nov 2012 | PM131

    The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been touted as the biggest social reform since Medicare. Currently, there is only a naive understanding of the scheme. This report makes the case that... Read More

  • Future Submarine Project Should Raise Periscope for Another Look

    24 Oct 2012 | PM130

    Australia should not spend $40 billion to repeat the mistakes of the Collins Class submarine. Nuclear submarines, such as the US Navy’s Virginia Class submarine, would provide a much greater capability... Read More

  • Indigenous Education 2012

    27 Jun 2012 | PM129

    Indigenous Education 2012 reviews the lack of progress by states and territories in improving Indigenous literacy and numeracy. It examines causes of Indigenous students’ success and failure, and the... Read More

  • Australia’s Angry Mayors: How Population Growth Frustrates Local Councils

    14 Jul 2011 | PM120

    To understand the effects of a growing population on Australia’s councils, CIS surveyed local authorities from all over the country. The results are alarming. The level of frustration with inadequate... Read More

  • Why Does Government Grow?

    13 Apr 2011 | PM117

    This paper examines some of the stylised facts in relation to the growth of government in the Western world generally, and Australia in particular. It then reviews some of the main theories advanced to... Read More

  • Populate and Perish? Modelling Australia's Demographic Future

    Jessica Brown and Oliver Marc Hartwich | 07 Oct 2010 | PM112

    Since the publication of the 2010 Intergenerational Report, Australia has been debating its demographic future and whether it is desirable for the nation to grow to more than 35 million people by 2050.... Read More

  • Like the Curate’s Egg: A Market-based Response and Alternative to the Bennett Report

    Jeremy Sammut | 26 Nov 2009 | PM104

    The National Health and Hospital Reform Commission (NHHRC) has acknowledged the need to ensure health services are responsive to the needs of patients, and has recommended some very limited market-based... Read More

  • Fiscal Rules for Limited Government: Reforming Australia’s Fiscal Responsibility Legislation

    Robert Carling | 28 Jul 2009 | PM98

    The paper outlines the rationale for fiscal responsibility legislation and a rules-based approach to fiscal policy. It examines the shortcomings of the existing CBH, showing how it has failed to prevent... Read More

  • Radical Surgery: The Only Cure for New South Wales Hospitals

    Wolfgang Kasper | 27 Jan 2009 | PM91

    Wolfgang Kasper argues that the hospital malaise can only be remedied by removing the central, bureaucratic control of hospitals and creating opportunities for spontaneous, decentralised and customer-oriented... Read More

  • A Streak of Hypocrisy: Reactions to the Global Financial Crisis and Generational Debt

    Jeremy Sammut | 15 Dec 2008 | PM90

    Dr Jeremy Sammut says that ‘household savings have collapsed due to an unnecessary dependence on welfare handouts. A new era of thrift is overdue!’ Read More

  • The False Promise of GP Super Clinics: Part 1: Preventive Care

    Jeremy Sammut | 06 May 2008 | PM84

    Dr Jeremy Sammut examines the evidence for preventive care programs to help make the Medicare system sustainable, given the demands of the ageing of Australia’s population, the rising chronic disease... Read More

  • The Coming Crisis of Medicare: What the Intergenerational Reports should say, but doesn’t, about health and ageing

    Jeremy Sammut | 29 Oct 2007 | PM79

    The demographic and medical realities of the twenty-first century mean that Medicare can no longer provide every citizen with ‘free’ access to all the new medicine.  Without reform, healthcare in... Read More

  • The Organisation of Residential Aged Care for an Ageing Population

    Warren Hogan | 02 Jul 2007 | PM76

    At the heart of this new paper is the re-assertion of the need for a system of accommodation bonds. Hogan reiterates that a key factor limiting the supply of extra beds is the high cost of developing new... Read More

  • State Taxation and Fiscal Federalism: A Blueprint for Further Reform

    Robert Carling | 03 Nov 2006 | PM73

    This paper identifies major structural flaws in our current taxation system and develops a set of radical proposals to put them right. The flaws it identifies lie in the fiscal relation between the Commonwealth... Read More

  • Poverty in Australia: Beyond the Rhetoric

    Peter Saunders | 01 Mar 2004 | PM57

    This report challenges prevailing definitions and measurements of poverty, and calls for an alternative strategy for poverty alleviation based on American-style welfare reform, lower taxation and job creation. Read More

  • The Unchained University

    Andrew Norton | 19 Nov 2002 | PM56

    Australia's universities are not preparing students adequately for their futures.  Report author and higher education expert Andrew Norton argues that universities are failing students in several ways. Read More

  • Lessons from the Ord

    B.R. Davidson | 01 Jan 1982 | PM2

    The Ord Scheme, indeed, offers ample ammunition for those who take the extreme view that responsibility is directly proportional to the taxing power. Certainly even those who hold a less extreme position... Read More