Australia’s Future in the Balance: Overcoming Antagonism & Reigniting Enterprise & Prosperity
Wolfgang Kasper, Paul Kelly
25 June 2015 | Speeches

Following economic reforms that began in 1983 and petered out around 2003, Australians enjoyed the greatest advance in their living standards since Federation. But the lagged effects of those reforms have now subsided and the…

What are we fighting for? Islamism and the threat to liberal values
David Kilcullen
12 November 2014

As prepared I want first to thank the Centre for Independent Studies for the opportunity to be part of this event, with its rich tradition of provocative debate. I want to thank the team for…

The Task Ahead: The Hon Joe Hockey MP
Joe Hockey
08 November 2013

The Task Ahead It’s a great pleasure to be addressing the Centre for Independent Studies in my first domestic keynote address as Treasurer. I want to declare my gratitude to Greg Lindsay and the CIS…

Saving Medicare: The Case for Market-Based Health Reform
Jeremy Sammut
27 August 2013

Paper for the Catholic Health Conference Australia. 26-28 August, 2013 Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and I’d like to thank Catholic Health Australia for the invitation to address the conference. In this presentation I am…

The future of education — a structural perspective
Jennifer Buckingham
22 August 2013

AISNSW Executive Conference, Killcare NSW Thursday 22 August 2013 The Centre for Independent Studies For those of you who attended the AISQ State forum in Queensland in May, much of this presentation will be familiar.…