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Untangling childcare and family policy
Trisha Jha
05 March 2016

Speech given by CIS Policy Analyst Trisha Jha to the NSW Liberal Party’s Rural and Regional Lunch on Saturday March 5, 2015. Thank you to Tobias and Hollie for inviting me to address you all this…

Health Innovation
Rohan Mead, Mark Fitzgibbon, Angus Taylor, Jeremy Sammut
22 September 2015 | Event Speeches

It’s time to reposition health research. In the wake of the Medicare co-payment debate it is clear that talking about health reform solely in the context of debt and deficits is producing diminishing returns. We need to…

Can we afford old age?
Cassandra Goldie, Jeremy Cooper, Simon Cowan
07 July 2015

Australia is getting older. Rising life expectancy brings with it the prospect of not years but decades in retirement. Can we afford the costs of old age? Will superannuation give retirees the standard of living…

Saving Medicare: The Case for Market-Based Health Reform
Jeremy Sammut
27 August 2013

Paper for the Catholic Health Conference Australia. 26-28 August, 2013 Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and I’d like to thank Catholic Health Australia for the invitation to address the conference. In this presentation I am…