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Comments on ‘Better Budgeting Discussion Paper’
Robert Carling, Michael Potter
13 April 2017 | CIS Submission

The following comments are offered in response to the call for submissions on the ‘Better Budgeting Discussion Paper’ issued by Jim Chalmers MP in February 2017. The comments represent the views of the authors and not necessarily those of The Centre for Independent Studies.

Submission to the Productivity Commission on the Preliminary Findings Report: Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services: Identifying Sectors for Reform
Sara Hudson
27 October 2016 | CIS Submission

To improve Indigenous outcomes, there needs to be better management of overall funding and a strategy to coordinate how programs are delivered.

Submission to Senate Inquiry on Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill 2016
Michael Potter
03 October 2016 | CIS Submission

The submission by CIS Research Fellow Michael Potter provides a detailed case for a reduction in the company tax rate as contained in the Bill. The submission details the uncompetitive nature of Australia’s company tax system, the benefits of the tax cut, and responses to some of the arguments presented against the policy.

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Enterprise Tax Plan Bill 2016
Michael Potter
30 September 2016 | CIS Submission

The growing company tax burden contrasts with the state of the economy, which is showing some weaknesses and facing substantial risks — as discussed later in this paper. Australia’s company tax system is not well placed to address these risks. The tax rate was 49% in the 1980s, and was cut several times since then to reach 30% in 2001–02,7…

Productivity Commission Inquiry Into Introducing Competition and Informed User Choice into Human Services: Submission in response to issues paper
Trisha Jha
01 July 2016 | CIS Submission

The Human Services Inquiry is ‘examining policy options in the human services sector that incorporate the principles of competition, contestability and informed user choice’. This submission puts the case that such policies have the potential to improve quality, equity, efficiency, and accountability and responsiveness in school education through expanding competition, contestability and informed user choice. A policy that meets these…