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Submission to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – Consultation Paper: Indigenous Business Sector Strategy

Sara Hudson, Charles Jacobs
26 May 2017 | CIS Submission
Submission to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – Consultation Paper: Indigenous Business Sector Strategy

We believe supporting Indigenous businesses contributes to Indigenous empowerment. Unlike program delivery, which tends to be a more passive form of support, supporting Indigenous businesses is an active form of assistance. A multiplier effect occurs when people own a business that goes beyond the financial benefits to the local economy.

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Submission to the Inquiry into Housing Affordability and Supply in Australia
Peter Tulip
13 September 2021

Housing in Australia is too expensive. Families on lower incomes cannot afford reasonable accommodation. Aspirations to home ownership are fading. (Section 1). A large body of international and Australian research finds that a major reason housing is so expensive is land use regulations. Claims that these restrictions preserve neighbourhood amenity are exaggerated and unrepresentative. (Section 2). Negative gearing and the…

Submission to the NSW Curriculum Review Interim Report Consultations
Fiona Mueller
01 December 2019

The NSW Government commissioned a review of the state’s curriculum in September, 2018, to be completed in early 2020. Led by Professor Geoff Masters, the NSW Curriculum Review was described as the first comprehensive review since 1989, the overarching aim being to ensure that the education system can prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Inquiry into measurement and outcome-based funding in New South Wales schools
Glenn Fahey
31 August 2019

The Portfolio Committee on Education in the NSW Legislative Council has set up an inquiry into measurement of outcomes in schools, and proposals for outcome-based funding. The inquiry has been prompted by school funding based on inputs failing to improve education outcomes — as CIS has long outlined, how money is spent is more important than how much is spent.…

Submission to NAPLAN Reporting Review 2019
Blaise Joseph, Jennifer Buckingham
18 March 2019

NAPLAN is a key element of government transparency and accountability There is very little evidence of widespread misuse or misinterpretation of data on the MySchool website. NAPLAN and My School are valued by parents and the public, and should be retained. While there may be room for some improvements their benefits outweigh the alleged negative impacts.