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Kirsten Storry

Publications by Author

  1. BOOK REVIEW: Divided Nation? Indigenous Affairs and the Imagined Public

    Kirsten Storry | 12 Dec 2007 | POLICY Magazine

    Divided Nation? Indigenous Affairs and The Imagined Public by Kirsten Storry (Melbourne University Press, 2007).

  2. BOOK REVIEW: Bad Dreaming: Aboriginal Men's Violence Against Women and Children

    Kirsten Storry | 06 Jun 2007 | POLICY Magazine

    Bad Dreaming: Aboriginal Men's Violence Against Women and Children by Louis Nowra (Pluto Press, 2007).

  3. What Is Working in Good Schools in Remote Indigenous Communities?

    Kirsten Storry | 04 Apr 2007 | Issue Analysis

    School‑side and community‑side interventions with which good schools are trying to break the cycle of low attendance,... Read More...

  4. BOOK REVIEW: Aboriginal Affairs 1967-2005: Seeking a Solution

    Kirsten Storry | 03 Mar 2007 | POLICY Magazine

    Aboriginal Affairs 1967-2005: Seeking a Solution by Max Griffiths (Rosenberg Press, 2006).

  5. Tackling Literacy in Remote Aboriginal Communities

    Kirsten Storry | 31 Aug 2006 | Issue Analysis

    Literacy rates among children and adults in remote Aboriginal communities are appallingly low, and cannot be reversed without... Read More...

Opinion & Commentary by Author

  1. Effective teachers where they are needed most

    Kirsten Storry | 25 Feb 2008 | Online Opinion

    The central and essential part of an education revolution will not be laptop computers for every child. It will be effective... Read More

  2. How can we move forward?

    Kirsten Storry | 27 Dec 2007

    It should go without saying that ten year old child cannot consent to sex. Sex with a ten year old child is a crime and few... Read More

  3. Boost pay to keep teachers

    Kirsten Storry | 03 Oct 2007 | The Courier Mail

    There is "a long tail of under-achievement" among disadvantaged school children, according to a recent Commonwealth Senate... Read More

  4. Breaking the cycle

    Kirsten Storry | 10 Aug 2007 | The Press

    Are Australians racist? This is the question that New Zealanders were asking last month after the Australian Government sent... Read More

  5. Broader scope in NT for schools

    Kirsten Storry | 24 Jul 2007 | The Canberra Times

    Forcing students to attend school, without addressing the issues of education supply in remote community schools, will not... Read More

  6. Teachers key to remote schools

    Kirsten Storry | 18 Jun 2007 | The Australian

    In Aurukun on Queensland's Cape York, the school leadership refuses to accept that the complexity of the issues facing the... Read More

  7. Excuses fail our neediest students

    Kirsten Storry | 04 Apr 2007 | The Australian

    In remote community schools, children often miss one or two days of school a week. Most cannot do maths or read at their... Read More

  8. English literacy in remote indigenous communities

    Kirsten Storry | 07 Dec 2006 | ABC Radio National

    In early November, Secretary to the Treasury Ken Henry said that Australia will not have managed its current prosperity well... Read More

Ideas@TheCentre by Author