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Christopher Lingle

Publications by Author

  1. FEATURE: Is China Really an 'East Asian Success Story'?

    Christopher Lingle | 04 Jun 2009 | POLICY Magazine

    State-controlled investment in China provides poor financial returns.

  2. COMMENT: Remedies for the Asian Deflation: Revisiting Old Ground

    Christopher Lingle | 06 Jun 1999 | POLICY Magazine

    The case against Keynesian remedies for the Asian crisis.

  3. FEATURE: Singapore and 'Asian Values'

    Christopher Lingle | 03 Mar 1996 | POLICY Magazine

    The price of Asian authoritarianism.

  4. NOTES & COMMENTS: Constitutional Consequences of the EC Social Charter

    Christopher Lingle | 06 Jun 1991 | POLICY Magazine

    The Single European Market Act, providing for the completion of the internal market of the European Community (EC), is intended... Read More...

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