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Michael James

Publications by Author

  1. NOTES AND COMMENTS: The Decades of Keynes

    Michael James | 09 Sep 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    The 1980s had barely come to an end when the mythology of that decade became established.

  2. NOTES & COMMENTS: Lessons of the "Fightback!" Strategy

    Michael James | 06 Jun 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Although, the Liberal-National Coalition's Fightback! strategy in the March 1993 Australian general election was a failure,... Read More...

  3. BOOK REVIEW: Reviving the Vigorous Virtues

    Michael James | 03 Mar 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    The Anatomy of Thatcherism by Shirley Robin Letwin (Fontana, 1992.)

  4. BOOK REVIEW: Agreement Is Everything

    Michael James | 12 Dec 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    The Political Economy of James Buchanan by David Reisman (Macmillan, 1990.)

  5. BOOK REVIEW: Low-Level Caricature

    Michael James | 09 Sep 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    The Trouble With Economic Rationalism edited by Donald Horne (Scribe Publications, 1992.)

  6. From Welfare State to Welfare Society

    Michael James | 01 Jul 1992 | Occasional Papers

    The legitimacy of the welfare state has survived the shift in recent years towards smaller government and a greater role... Read More...

  7. REVIEW: Secret Ballot, Secret Malice

    Michael James | 03 Mar 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    Politics and Process: New Essays in Democratic Thought edited by Geoffrey Brennan and Loren E. Lomasky (Cambridge University... Read More...

  8. BOOK REVIEW: New Ideas for Old

    Michael James | 12 Dec 1991 | POLICY Magazine

    The Spread of Economic Ideas edited by David Colander and A. W. Coats (Cambridge University Press, 1989.)

  9. FEATURE: Economic Rationalism and the Liberal Tradition

    Michael James | 09 Sep 1991 | POLICY Magazine

    Although the present consensus favouring economic rationalism is surviving the recession, the seeds of a possible change... Read More...

  10. Liberating Labour: The Case for Freedom of Contract in Labour Relations

    Michael James | 05 Aug 1991 | Occasional Papers

    The legitimacy of the welfare state has survived the shift in recent years towards smaller government and a greater role... Read More...

  11. FEATURE: A Residual Welfare State? Robert Goodin's 'Reason For Welfare'

    Michael James | 12 Dec 1990 | POLICY Magazine

    A formidable case for a 'residual' welfare state has been made by Robert Goodin in Reasons for Welfare: The Political Theory... Read More...

  12. BOOK REVIEW: What Government Shouldn't Do

    Michael James | 12 Dec 1990 | POLICY Magazine

    What Should Government Do? edited by Peter Coaldrake and J. R. Nethercote (Hale and Iremonger, Sydney, 1989.)

  13. BOOK REVIEW: Public Choice and Public Interest

    Michael James | 12 Dec 1990 | POLICY Magazine

    Wealth, Poverty and Politics by Gordon Tullock (Basil Blackwell, 1988.)

  14. BOOK REVIEW: Concensus Rules OK

    Michael James | 12 Dec 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    Making Economic Policy in Australia 1983-1988 by Michael Keating and Geoff Dixon (Longman Cheshire, 1989.)

  15. COMMENT: James M. Buchanan: Political Economist and Constitutionalist

    Michael James | 12 Dec 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    The 1990 Bonython Lecture will be given in March by James M. Buchanan, Professor of Economics at the Centre for Study of... Read More...

  16. Regulating for Competition? Trade Practices Policy in a Changing Economy

    Michael James | 01 Dec 1989 | Policy Forum

    Arguments for a greater reliance on market forces to protect consumer welfare are explored in this collection by leading... Read More...

  17. INTERVIEW: Michael Novak

    Michael James | 09 Sep 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    Interview with Michael Novak, George Frederick Jewett Chair of Religion and Public Policy at the American Enterprise Institute... Read More...

  18. COMMENT: Socialism Restructured

    Michael James | 09 Sep 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    A Culture of Power: Rethinking Labour Goals for the 1990s by John Mathew and A Politics of Poetry: Reconstituting Social... Read More...

  19. BOOK REVIEW: No Sympathy for the Welfare State

    Michael James | 06 Jun 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    Not Only the Poor: The Middle Classes and the Welfare State by Robert E. Goodin and Julian Le Grand (Allen & Unwin, 1987.)

  20. BOOK REVIEW: The Debt Threat

    Michael James | 03 Mar 1989 | POLICY Magazine

    The Debt Threat by Tim Congdon (Blackwell Publications, 1989.)

  21. The Welfare State: Foundations and Alternatives

    Michael James | 01 Mar 1989 | Policy Forum

    The central question for public policy in the 1990s is whether the state should retain its near-monopoly of welfare provision... Read More...

  22. Restraining Leviathan: Small Government in Practice

    Michael James | 01 Oct 1987 | Policy Forum

    This collection seeks to increase our understanding of the scope and opportunities we have for making substantial and permenent... Read More...

  23. How Much Government

    Michael James | 16 Aug 1986 | Policy Monographs

    Why does government continue to grow despite the declared wishes of politicians of all parties?

  24. The Constitutional Challenge

    Michael James | 01 Jul 1982 | CIS Readings

    Essays on the Australian Constitution, constitutionalism and parliamentary practice. G.S. Reid, James S. Buchanan, Anthony... Read More...

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